![](./gfxgauge.jpg width="480px" class="shadow")   ![](./manual/mounting_location.jpg width="480px" class="shadow")   ![](./gfxgauge_cf_blackwiring.jpg width="480px" class="shadow")   ![](./gauge_and_graph.gif width="320px" class="shadow")   ![]( # Overview gfxgauge (pronounced "graphics gauge") is a performance monitor and logger for turbocharged Subaru vehicles. gfxgauge communicates with Subaru ECUs using the Subaru Select Monitor (SSM) protocol (supported by Subarus starting with model year 1999), and displays a variety of parameters to let you keep an eye on your engine health, performance, and tune. gfxgauge can monitor and log over 30 different engine parameters, read from both the ECU and external AFR, oil pressure, and oil temperature sensors. Learn more about gfxgauge by reading the [manual](./manual/index.html), watching the [guided tour video](, and by following [@gfxgauge on Instagram]( # Availability gfxgauge is no longer in production. Current owners may direct support inquiries to []( # Documentation The [gfxgauge manual](./manual/index.html) includes detailed installation instructions, as well as a comprehensive description of all of gfxgauge's features. # Firmware Updates The latest gfxgauge firmware updates are available on the [Releases](./releases/index.html) page.